In general, this disc is well worth the expense and trouble involved in locating a copy of it. I can't imagine anyone that likes Savatage not loving this disc.

Band Lineup

Voc/RhyGtr/Bass/Keys  Jon Oliva
Guitar/Bass           Chris Caffery
Drums                 John Osborn
Bass (live)           Brian Gregory
Producers         Jon Oliva & Chris Caffery

Written by Jon Oliva & Chris Caffery

Jon's other duty: sweep the studio floor every evening.


The Butcher's Meat Market
P.O. BOX 146 C
Chester, NY 10918-0146, USA


Doctor Butcher -- Doctor Butcher (1995)

1.) The Altar                          5:39
2.) Don't Talk To Me                   3:02
3.) Season Of The Witch 	       6:19
4.) Reach Out And Torment Someone      2:28
5.) Juice                              1:43
6.) The Chair                          6:13
7.) Innocent Victim                    5:20
8.) The Picture's Wild                 4:45
9.) Lost In The Dark                   4:52
10.)I Hate, You Hate...We All Hate     4:34
11.)All For One, None For All          4:41

Total 49:36

Dedication from Chris Caffery at the end of the liner notes:

"I would like to dedicate my playing on this album to the memory and love of a good friend and big brother - Christopher Michael Oliva - RIP buddy."

I think we all echo that last sentiment. [an error occurred while processing this directive]