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savatage - still the orchestra plays

earMusic/Edel Records will be releasing a brand new Savatage release on March 2, 2010 in Europe. "Still the Orchestra Plays: Greatest Hits Volume #1 & 2" will contain newly remastered versions of many Savatage classics along with three previously unreleased acoustic recordings. A special limited edition version will include a bonus dvd with the "Japan Live" show from 1994, which will be avaliable for the first time on DVD!

Savatage - Still The Orchestra Plays - March 2, 2010

CD-1: Greatest Hits Volume #1:

1. Power Of The Night
2. Hall Of The Mountain King
3. 24 Hours Ago
4. Legions
5. Gutter Ballet
6. Summers Rain
7. When The Crowds Are Gone
8. Ghost In The Ruins
9. If I Go Away
10. NYC Don't Mean Nothing
11. Edge Of Thorns
12. All That I Bleed

CD-2: Greatest Hits Volume #2:

1. Handful Of Rain
2. Chance
3. One Child
4. I Am
5. Anymore
6. Hourglass
7. The Wake Of Magellan
8. Morphine Child

Acoustic Bonus Tracks:  
9. Anymore
10. Not What You See
11. Out On The Streets

guitar world
According to, the April issue of the magazine (on sale Feb. 10) features 'The Criss Oliva Story' and a transcription of 'Hall of the Mountain King.
savatage members currently on tour with the trans- siberian orchestra

Savatage members Chris Caffery, Johnny Lee Middleton, Jeff Plate and Al Pitrelli are currently on tour with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Jeff, Chris and Johnny are touring the east coast and Al Pitrelli can be seen on the west coast tour.

This years TSO (east) show features a very special performance of Believe which is dedicated to Chris Oliva. Also featured is an updated version of Prelude to Madness which was originally released on the Hall of the Mountain King album.